Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping Seattle Children's Hospital help families, ensuring that no child in our region in need is ever turned away.


About the Guild
  • Founded in 2006, Star Guild was formed locally by a group of ladies in a Mill Creek, WA neighborhood.  The organization was formed when one of their neighbors needed medical care for their child and the family was struggling to pay the medical bills.

  • Ranked as one of the Top 15 contributing guilds among the nearly 500 guilds in the Seattle Children's
     Guild Association.

  • Star Guild is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we are solely managed by volunteers.

  • Raised over $75,000 in 2016.  To date, Star Guild has given over $1.3M for uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital.

  • Star Guild hosts a variety of smaller events throughout the year, from fashion shows, book signings with    local authors, cocktail hours and movie nights.

  • With currently 75 members and continually growing as the word spreads, we are an energetic, creative and dedicated group of people.  Our members bring a vast amount of talent in event planning, fundraising, promotions, public relations, accounting, sales, production and much more.  

  • Keys of our success, our members unsurpassed commitment and experience, the generosity of our supporters and the guests attending our events.

Interested in volunteering at our events 

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Pay Your $25 Tax Deductible Membership Dues at "https://secure.seattlechildrens.org/guilddues"